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Calella's pleasant weather and suitable facilities turn this town into an ideal place for all type of sports.Sports can be easily practiced all month of May round.

As is it close to the sea and mountains and surrounding with many adventure parks. It is possible to Cycling, mountaineering.Athletics can be practiced in open air. As you know there is many adventure parks with natural environment there you can enjoying adventure,excitement, strategy, and lots and lots of action.The most fun and innovative outdoor sport.


Laser Combat:battlefield live is the simulated combat game more authentic and real time thanks to the latest technologies and materials.


laser combet

Quads: there are different rounds through the natural park and these the very depending on the duration of the trip, the road conditions and above all,skill in handling hikers. all routs are on mountain road and place that can move without problem the Quad.

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mountain Bike: All tours guarantee spectacular views and tranquility.


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