Respect 4 Nature

Choosing a hostel for your vacation, does not only mean to stay eco-nomic but also: eco-logic. At our hostel we take great care about using energy consciously, as we are sure you do, too. Earth is a common good we all need to respect and care for with every act we do daily. Doing so, we improve life in the planet for ourselves and for next generations as well.

Our infrastructure, shows this by using our own "solar panels" to produce and storage clean energy = non contaminating, and minimize the use of external electricity.

We also have a system to collect and re-use water, again to avoid misusing a natural resource that in Spain is precious, as we are a quite a "dry" country. Further, you will probably notice all around the hostel different devices to control lights, water and of course... different bins to separate and recycle waste.'

Welcome to the Estrella de Mar Youth Hostel !